My name is Madison Schmidt! I'm a USAF Veteran, wife, & mother. Originally, I was born & raised in Chesapeake, Virginia & now currently located in Ogden, Utah. I spent 8.5 years in the Air Force, as a Security Forces member (military police). During my time in service, I was able to call Europe (Italy & The Netherlands) my home for five & a half years! I met my husband + best friend, Andrew, while serving together & we tied the knot in 2019! We are parents to two amazing boys, Tanner & Levi. Oh, & of course our two cats, Jax & Chloe + dog, Buster. Ever since I was a kid, when disposable cameras were popular, I have always loved photography + seeing the world in a different light. I've found myself stopping to capture a moment in time + recreate art with my photographs. I love to photograph moments where we're most happy to freeze that moment in time forever. Isn't it amazing the nostalgic feeling we get when looking over old photographs? I love that + how photographs give us something to hold close & dear to us. Since my time in the military has ended, I am pursuing my passion again as a photographer!

Photograph by Colette Stock Photography